Thought Score

Better Recognise Students Emotional Ups & Downs

Student App

Students fill in an anonymous questionnaire on the mobile app using a single-use code.

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Well-being Questions

Multiple-choice questions are based on the Ministries of Health and Education questionnaire.

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100% Private

All responses are anonymised. The data collected does not identify a specific person.

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Teacher Dashboard

Teachers get insights into their students' well-being levels and how to shape wellness initiatives.

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Youth Mental Well-Being

Empower students to communicate how they feel

Statistics show New Zealand Children are experiencing greater pressures earlier in life, with many suffering increased levels of stress and anxiety. We know early intervention reduces the risk and severity of mental health issues later in life, and drastically improves a child's developmental, emotional, academic, and social outcomes.

All too often, assumptions based on a child’s outward behaviour determine our assessment of their well-being. However, as part of a coping mechanism, children often hide their feelings and will internalise trauma. Ultimately, that suffering child becomes much harder to recognise via common behavioural cues. Also, whilst not adequately processing, or repressing emotions entirely, as they mature they may jeopardise the formation of normal cognitive developmental processes.

Thought Score provides a means for all children to open up, reassured by anonymity, they reveal concerns without the fear of judgement. Thought Score provides new insight and greater understanding of the mental health of our schools.

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Developed in partnership with

Thought Score has been developed from the ground up to be thoroughly and robustly anonymous. This approach was taken to allow all students to confidently interact with the platform. Thought Score is intended to empower both teachers and students by breaking down barriers.


We support
well-being initiatives implemented by schools

I AM HOPE is an initiative by The I Am Hope Foundation, a fundraising and advocacy organisation, which supports young people who are struggling with their mental health.

Our youth ambassadors, community of registered counsellors, and emotional assessment tool are here to support the wellness plan implemented by your school.

Youth Free Counselling Platform

Gumboot Friday is our initiative to provide FREE and timely counselling for any young Kiwi in need.

We help connect young people with existing counsellors or therapists and provide funding, so that kids get help as soon as they need it.

Youth Ambassador School Tour

We have been speaking in schools spreading hope for over 8 years now. Our nationwide ambassador school tour consists of our team travelling the country, sharing their own mental health experiences with young people all over New Zealand.

We have received some incredible testimonies from schools who have seen the value that being vulnerable with students has.

Youth Emotional Wellness Check-In

Thought Score is the latest initiative we have developed that aims to better recognise the emotional state of our students.

With the aggregation of data provided by the young people themselves, we can have a better understanding of where help and support is needed.

More to come

Our team, led by Mike King, is dedicated to support young people who are struggling with their mental health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Thought Score.

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How do you ensure data confidentiality?

Thought Score has been developed from the ground up to be thoroughly and robustly anonymous. All student responses are anonymised. The demographic data collected (age, gender, ethnicity, and year group) does not allow a person to be identified.
Thought Score well-being questionnaire can only be completed by entering a one-time code. The code serves dual purposes; it connects a questionnaire response with a school, and it prevents anyone who is not a student at a participating school from using the app and contaminating the data. The code cannot be reused, which maintains full anonymity and stops code circulation. All student responses are anonymised.

Who will see the students' answers?

Teachers have access to anonymous student responses via Thought Score web-based application. Teachers view insights by logging in to the Thought Score Dashboard. It’s here where the responses are aggregated and can be further analysed.

I am interested, how do I register my school?

Thank you very much for your interest. We are currently rolling out a private release of Thought Score. You can express your interest here: request early access.
Once you fill in the form, we will be in touch to discuss how we typically conduct the rollout.

Is there a cost associated with Thought Score?

The Thought Score team works with schools free of charge. There is no cost associated with the implementation of Thought Score.

What future features will you implement?

This release of Thought Score is the preliminary release. We’re hoping to use this time and opportunity to observe real world usage and learn how we might improve Thought Score further.
That being said, we welcome any feedback and suggestions. Let us know what future features you would like by sending us a message here.